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LZ9W contest station is located in a small hotel called "BARDOTO" property of Krassy (LZ1ZD). The hotel is at 900m asl in a mountain near Breznik (small town 60km south - west from Sofia, Bulgaria).

Station started its activity in 1999 with TS940 / TS140 / FT747GX, single TL922, dipoles and Cushcraft X7 tribander. In 2000-2001 Krassy (LZ1ZD) and Alex (LZ4AX) have been able to built WA3FET OWA monoband yagies for 20m, 15m and 10m plus HB9CV yagi for 40m on 4 separate towers:

Alex has moved in USA in 2002 and now operates as SOAB from K3CR in all major contests. We miss him especially during CW tests, but he still helps a lot and we consider him a real member of the team.

Current contest team at LZ9W formed in fact in the summer of 2002. A number of contesters gathered together to "play around" in IARU 2002 contest and enjoy a nice pool at station's QTH. After the end of IARU a "real contesting" period of LZ9W started.

In July 2002 we understood, that if we want to be among top European M/S, M/2 or M/M teams, then we need to do a lot of work until October 2002. In September LZ1ZD has made a major reconstruction of the very small "contest room" and assured place for 6 operating positions.

Few days before CQ WW SSB 2002 we erected Inv.Vee for 160m and 2el.phased Inv.Vees for 80m: KT34A was errected on tower below 10m yagi and we moved Cushcraft X7 on 12m temporary mast on nearby hill.

Dipoles have been added to be used by multiplier station and "VOILA" LZ9W jumped in full M/S action in CQ WW SSB 2002 . The CQ WW CW 2002 followed.Naturally we ended with 4 separate operating positions in March 2003. This meant only one thing - first ever M/M from LZ9W in CQ WPX SSB 2003. Result of this participation is - 2nd place Europe and 5th in the World.

At the end of 2003 there were six running and one multiplier operating positions at LZ9W M/M station.In 2006 Krassy LZ1ZD has started a full renovation of the hotel. During the renovation a completely new schack was built (230 sq meters ). Currently there are a large operating room with enough space for all rigs and amplifiers, "telling lies" area, two sleeping rooms, bath and WC especially for contest team use. Contest team premises are totaly separated from regular hotel area. Equipment and Antennas we now use are listed in separate section of this web site. More towers and antennas are to be installed in 2008-2009, too.